density of high carbon steel yahoo answers


density of high carbon steel yahoo answers

A steel block has a volume of 0.08m and a - Yahoo Answers

Jan 01,2009·one gallon of water is 8.3 the weight of this steel block is equivalent to the weight of 166.5 gallons (or 630.3 liters) of water.BTW,the steel that is closest to your 7840 kg/m^3 density is carbon steel.steel densities range from 7715 kg/m^3 (tool steel) to 8030 kg/m^3 (stainless steel) pure iron is 7860 kg/m^3HOW TO CONVERT FROM 1 TONNE AGGREGATE TO 1M3?May 04,2012·The density of the aggregate particles themselves depends slightly on the mineral,but 2650 kg/m^3 is a good value for silica (e.g.granite,basalt) and is often a reasonable estimate.So,your one metric tonne will occupy an overall volume of about 059 m^3 if it is air dry aggregate (=1000/1700),051 m^3 if it is saturated aggregate (=1000 High carbon and low carbon (mild - Yahoo Answers UKJun 21,2011·Text book tells high carbon steel has higer strength but are brittle,that means there is no distinct yeild point for high carbon steel.You need to do Stress-Strain test to find out the yield point.Also the melting point of high carbon steel is different from low carbon steel.However there is no inexpensive way to find out the difference.

How is iron turned into steel? Yahoo Answers

Sep 24,2007·The difference between 'iron' the ore,and steel ( an alloy) is the composition of carbon.Iron is melted in a big crucible (or pot so to speak) and then is injected with oxygen.The mixture is kept above the melting point of the iron and the oxygen burns out the carbon.Once this is done,a controlled amount of carbon is introduced to the mixture.Is 1mm of Hardened steel strong ? Yahoo AnswersJul 13,2020·The term solidified steel is regularly utilized for a medium or high carbon steel that has been given warmth treatment and afterward extinguishing followed by hardening.The extinguishing brings about the development of metastable martensite,the part of which is decreased to the ideal sum during hardening.Related searches for density of high carbon steel yahoo ansyahoo jpros answeryahoo answers le mie domandeyahoo domande e risposteyahoo answers ask a questionyahoo answers domandeyahoo respostas paginayahoo answer ita12345Next

The clue is the colour of the sparks created when grinding.As I recall,and it was when I was at school (don't ask),high carbon steel produces aBest answer 0Bazza is on the right track but time fogs the recall for us all.Cut small test samples off the stock bar say pound coin thickness.Heat cherry red1Text book tells high carbon steel has higer strength but are brittle,that means there is no distinct yeild point for high carbon steel.You need t0Sadly no. There are no visible differences between high and low carbon steel.This applies to all types of metals,aluminium,stainless steel etc.0What is the density of a mild steel iron ? Yahoo Answers

May 19,2007·Though the densities vary,the density of steel is about 7700 kg/m3.The density of steel are measured in g/cm3,kg/m3,kg/L and lb/f3,with kg/m3 being the more commonly used measurement.AWhat is Killed Carbon Steel? Yahoo AnswersMar 28,2009·Killed Carbon Steel is a process of deoxidation that is performed during the steel making process.Normally,ASME BPV Code requires steels that have 0.24% or greater carbon contents to be killed (fully de-oxidized) using either Al or Si additions,and especially those steels that fall under aWhat is high carbon steel used for? Yahoo AnswersJun 30,2010What is the difference between LTCS and Carbon steel Apr 13,2009Why is steel denser than wood? Yahoo AnswersSep 19,2007which is heavier steel or iron? Yahoo AnswersJul 24,2006See more resultshow strong is carbon steel? Yahoo AnswersSep 24,2012·Carbon steel is a generic term.There are many different grades of carbon steel consisting of several different components of various amounts,and there are different types of treatment the steel can go through that changes it's quality.Carbon steel swords are a step up from the crappy stainless steel swords,and other alloys.

What is the density of carbon tetrachloride vapor at STP

Nov 08,2009·We need to find the density = (mass / volume) We can find the volume of the gas if we use the ideal gas law (pressure) x (volume) = (# of moles) x (temperature) x R.V = (n x T x R) / (P) Because density is an intensive property (it does not change with the amount),we will assume one mole of CCl4.So now.P = 1 atm.T = 273 K.n = 1 moleWhat is the difference between carbon steel and spring Nov 22,2009·All steel has carbon in it.If too much carbon is in the steel it is extremely hard and brittle.Like cast iron.The only difference between iron and steel is the level of carbon.Cast iron is very hard.A drill can barely drill thru it unless you treat it with something like cobalt or titanium nitride.What is the different of pipe and tube? Yahoo AnswersJan 15,2008·Carbon steel is a VERY poor choice.Stainless steel is a very broad range of material,and it is,in itself an alloy,made of iron,chromium and nickel,etc.You would want to use a stainless steel,but you would have to pick the right one.And since stainless steel

carbon steel density? Yahoo AnswersJun 25,2010440 stainless steel VS.1095 carbon steel? Yahoo AnswersOct 11,2009which is stronger 1045 high carbon steel Oct 24,2008atomic weight of steel? Yahoo AnswersSep 10,2008See more resultsHigh carbon and low carbon (mild - Yahoo Answers UK

Jun 21,2011·The density of mild steel is approximately 7.85 g/cm3 (0.284 lb/in3).Now as far as doing this you would have to test the density of the steel using its mass to volume ratio.You'll need a scale that is appropriate for the application of the size and mass of the steel you are working with.density of high carbon steel? Yahoo AnswersJun 06,2011·The density of steel is 7900kg/m^3 at 20 degrees Celsius.Source(s) Page 42,Table 5 of Handbook of Elementary Physics,MIR Publishers by N.I.Koshkin and M.G.Shirkevich 2 0difference between CS and MS plates? Yahoo AnswersSep 05,2011Is steel denser than mercury? Yahoo AnswersJan 13,2007What is Black Steel? Is it same as Mild Oct 26,2006How does martensite is formed during Jul 19,2006See more resultsNeed help finding the tension on the string.? Yahoo AnswersJan 03,2012·If you take carbon steel as 7.85 http://en.wikipedia/wiki/Carbon_steel then every 7.85 kg of steel would displace 1 kg of water.So the apparent density would be (7.85-1) in water.And the

difference between iron and steel? Yahoo Answers

May 25,2020·The carbon content.Pure Iron has no carbon in it.This makes iron a rather brittle metal.However,it tends to be very resistant to oxidation (rust).However,when iron is alloyed to carbon,you form steel.It will rust more easily.The percentage mass of carbon ranges from 0.1% to 1.5%..if carbon content in IS 2062 Grade B is 0 - Yahoo AnswersDec 17,2010·Mild steel has a relatively low tensile strength,but it is cheap and malleable; surface hardness can be increased through carburizing.[3] It is often used when large quantities of steel are needed,for example as structural steel.The density of mild steel is approximately 7.85 g/cm3 (0.284 lb/in3)[4] and the Young's modulus is 210,000 MPa (30,000,000 psi).[5]is there any difference between cast steel cast carbon Dec 25,2010·The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) defines carbon steel as Steel is considered to be carbon steel when no minimum content is specified or required for chromium,cobalt,columbium,molybdenum,nickel,titanium,tungsten,vanadium or zirconium,or any other element to be added to obtain a desired alloying effect; when the specified minimum for steel does not exceed

what is carbon fiber? Yahoo Answers

Dec 14,2008·The density of carbon fiber is also considerably lower than the density of steel,making it ideal for applications requiring low weight.[3] The properties of carbon fiber such as high tensile strength,low weight,and low thermal expansion make it very popular in aerospace,civil engineering,military,and motorsports,along with other


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