spa error codes


spa error codes

ALPHA MESSAGESMESSAGE CODESMEANINGACTION REQUIREDOHH29Overheat- The spa hRemove spa cover and let theOHS30Overheat-The spa hRemove spa cover and let theICE1Potential freeze conditPumps will run automatically.TSnA or SnB31 or 32Spa is shut down.ThThe sensor is not reading prope 24 rows on masterspapartsArctic Spa Error Code Guide Topside Error Codes

Apr 24,2015·The Spas firmware is designed to detect most errors,and then the CPU will provide feedback for the user on the topside,mobile application and by flashing the lights on the spa.1.1.1 Error Codes Error Code Description Prr.Temperature probe is disconnected from the base board.HL (Flashing) Over temperature.The water temperature of the spa is > 112oF (44.5oC) HL.High limit.Artesian Spas - Error Codes - Fixes - And Owners ManualJan 13,2017·M029-The water is too hot.Means the spa system has detected that the water temp is 110°F (43.3°C) or more,thus disabling spa functions.Once the spa water temperature is below 108°F (42.2°C),the system will auto reset.Conduct verification checks for high ambient temperatures and also extended pump operation.CODE ERROR CODE DESCRIPTION * * * Flow/pressure switch either op * * * High limit switch is faulty - - - ,- - - Water dangerously hot,electro 48 rows on lesliespoolSpa Side Error Codes6 rows·Hercules Spa Side Error Codes; OH Spa temp exceeds acceptable limits FLO Flow problem

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May 22,2019·Alarm where too much salt has been added to the spa or a large amount of water has evaporated.Do not use the spa or place any further Pure Spa Salt for 24 to 48 hours to ensure the levels reduce.Unplug the spa pump,remove from the liner and drain 20% of the water from the spa.Refill this with fresh water.Start the Salt Chlorinator System.Common Spa Side Error CodesFLO,FL,FLC,FL1,PS,Blinking Lights Pressure Switch or Flow Switch Failure.The codes above are all related to flow issues or the pressure switch/flow switch and are the most common error codes.These error codes can be caused for several different reasons.Error Codes ACC Spas Applied Computer ControlsOver Heat.The spa is at a temperature that is above 108 degrees F.SmarTouch will not accept temperature setting above 104 degrees F.If for some reason spa temperature rises over the maximum level,SmarTouch will display a flashing 105 degrees F to 108 degrees F.

FLO Pressure switch failure,switc FLC Pressure switch failure,switc Prr Temp sensor failure Prh Hi-limit sensor failure 6 rows on spacareSpa Manufactures Error Codes

SnA = Spa is shut down.Sensor plugged into jack A is not working.Snb = Spa is shut down.Sensor plugged into jack B is not working.SnS = Sensors out of balance.If alternating with temp,may be temporary condition.If display shows only this message (blinking) spa is shut down.HFL = Substantial difference between temperature sensors detected.Could indicate a flow problem.File Size 2MBPage Count 56Related searches for spa error codeshot tub error code listdimension one spa error codesfreeflow spa error codescal spas error codesstrong spa error codesspa control codeshot tub trouble codejacuzzi spa error codesSome results are removed in response to a notice of local law requirement.For more information,please see here.12345NextGet help with your Lay-Z-Spa Pump Bestway Support UKDescription Cause Solution; Water Flow Error The stopper caps are still inside the spa.Remove the black stopper caps from the inside of the liner before heating,filtering or running the bubbles on the spa.

Hot Spring Spas Error Codes Trouble Shooting Guide

Feb 27,2018·680 Series Error Conditions/ Error Messages Message Meaning Action Required Sn1 Stands for Sensor 1 and displays when the high-limit sensor is malfunctioning.Indicates a shorted sensor and spa is shut down or an open sensor and heater isHot Tub Display Error Codes CanadaSpa Quip Error Codes.err 1 (H20) Prime Failed; err 3 Stuck Button; err 4 No Water Sensor; err 5 Over temp; err 6 Thermal Cut Out Tripped; err 7 Stuck Relay; err 8 No Temp Data; 01 Stuck Button; 02 No Controller Data; 03 Temp Sensor; 04 Water Sensor; 05 Spa Over Temp; 06 Heater Thermal Cut Out; 07 Stuck Heater Relay; 09 Water Prime FailedHot Tub Lingo 101 Understanding Hot Tub Error Codes Sn1/Sn2.This indicates that there is an open or shorted sensor,which means your heater is disabled and/or your hot tub has deactivated.It is not a good idea to use your hot tub when the sensors are malfunctioning,so call your friendly spa tech for assistance.FL1/FL2.

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SnA = Spa is shut down.Sensor plugged into jack A is not working.Snb = Spa is shut down.Sensor plugged into jack B is not working.SnS = Sensors out of balance.If alternating with temp,may be temporary condition.If display shows only this message (blinking) spa is shut down.HFL = Substantial difference between temperature sensors detected.Could indicate a flow problem.How to Solve Intex Purespa Inflatable Hot Tub Error Code Nov 17,2020·Ive had my tub for 8 months.I live in a warm climate.As it has started getting a little cooler,we turned the heat back on.I noticed yesterday that the system had turned off the heating and the filtering all by its self.Jacuzzi&Hot Tubs Error Codes Information - The CoverJun 11,2015·When FL1 code starts flashing it means the flow switch is malfunctioning and stuck open-likely because of a dirty filter or because there is an air lock problem at the circulation pump intake.When FL2 code starts flashing it means the flow switch isnt working and it is stuck closed.

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The topside controls of your hot tub give a range of messages about the testing,modes,and status of your spa.Most of the time,youll see routine codes indicating proper functioning.MAAX Spas Industries Corp Error Codes Information - The Oct 28,2015·Spa is functioning normally for Priming Mode.SLP Mode for Sleep Spa is functioning normally in Sleep Mode.ECN Mode for Economy Spa is functioning normally in Economy Mode.ICE -OR- TOO COLD Condition for freeze Heater cuts on to maintain water temp above 45°F. Temperature for spa water Current water temp unknown,not measured.WATER TOO HOTMaster Spa Troubleshooting 101 Master Spa PartsPhone (920) 710-1374 Toll Free (855) 308-2149 Fax (920) 644-3020

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24 rows·Power down the spa,if the message comes back contact the service provider.20 The clockMessage Troubleshooting at Calspas - Hot Tubs,Spas Overheat protection.The spa has shut down.One of the sensors has detected that the spa water Product Manuals For Hot Tubs and Swim Spas by Hydropool2 Person Spa - Seats 2 - 3 people comfortably.Serenity 4300 Serenity 4300 4-5 Build Quote View Details.Serenity 4300 Small 3-4 person Tub.Build In 3d Showroom Tour; Serenity 4500 Serenity 4500 4-5 Build Quote View Details.Serenity 4500 - Large 4-5 Person.Build In 3d Showroom Tour; Serenity 5900 Serenity 5900 4-5 Build Quote View Details

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Spa and Hot Tub Error Codes and trouble codes - FL,FLO,FLOW and others that relate to water flow.Troubleshooting guide for low flow spa error codes.Spa Error Codes - Sn,SnS,Sn1,Sn2Spa Error Codes Sn,Sn1,HL,E2,E3,Prh For these trouble codes,the high limit sensor is open or shorted.It could be a loose plug connection or bad wire,or it could be a problem related to water flow.Clean or replace your spa filter cartridge as a first step.Spa Error Codes - The Big List - Leslie's48 rows·CODE ERROR CODE DESCRIPTION * * * Flow/pressure switch either open or closed * * * High limit

Spa Error Codes

Spa Error Codes - For Most Spa Hot Tubs Check the error code on the Spa Touch pad and check our list below.For more information click the (more info) link next to Spa Panel Messages - Balboa DirectIf the spa is not installed with a GFCI and the system fails to sense a trip,the system will not allow the spa to operate unless a GFCI is properly installed.If the spa water reaches a temperature of 110 degrees F,a Stuck Relay Timer will begin to count from 0 hours,while the system monitors water temperature over time.Spa and Hot Tub digital or blinking indicator light error Common Spa or Hot Tub Error Codes will be updated as they become available.ACC (Applied Computer Controls)Systems for Spas or Hot Tubs CoLd = Temperature in the spa heater housing is below 40° F.Status of the heater element is unknown.The low speed pump or circ.pump will operate continuously until the temperature rises above 45° F.

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Feb 27,2018· 680 Series These are the error codes and display messages that a Sundance&Spa may display,along with what they mean and any actions required Sundance&Spas 880 Series 2017 Manual Sundance Spas 2017 ManualTroubleshoot Display Error Messages in Sundance SpasThe indicator light located on the front cabinet panel of the spa is an early detection system that will notify you when the spa needs immediate attention.A solid white light indicates that all operations are normal.What is this error code showing on my CleverSpa&control You should check the filter and change if necessary.Once you have done this,you need to press the Filter button again.The FC error code will disappear,and the warning tone will stop.The water temperature will be displayed,and all functions will return to normal.SL Temperature Issue Contact the CleverSpa&Aftersales Team HERE.HL

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Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter installed in compliance with section 680-42 of the National Electrical Code,ANSI/NFPA 70-1993 is required for user safety and equipment protection.You should inspect the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter before each use to be sure Most spa covers have a maximum weight load of 20 lbs.They will not support


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